How To: Finding the right theme for your website

Have you ever tried to find the right color for your living room? Maybe even the right logo that matches your company’s personality? How about the look and feel of your website (theme)? Well if you have not had to design your website yet, you’re in for one heck of a headache.

I use WordPress, so for right now I can only give you my experiences and recommendations on that platform. When using WordPress you can be a website designer pro and do everything yourself. Start off with a blank page and start inputting code and using plugins. OR, you can lay down a nice pre made theme over your site and edit it from there. Choices range from simple and free themes provided by WordPress that cater to mostly bloggers, to “premium” themes that come with many extra features pre built into the theme. Below I am going to go over some pains you may run into and some much-needed recommendations.

Where to start when looking for a theme???

How do you even start looking for the right theme? First things first, what is your industry? Surprisingly there are many themes that are made specifically for you and your industry. Whether you own a golf course, run a restaurant, or sell cars, there is probably a theme for you. If not find an industry that may be very similar to yours. If you can’t find an auto detailing service theme, then go look for auto repair shop themes. You can always tweak those to cater to your specific niche.

Does it make your customer do what you want them to do?

You may have found a theme that looks like what you want. but will it do what you want it to do? If the theme was built for bloggers and you have services you want to highlight…..then maybe it’s not right for you. When customers come to your site, you need them to take actions right away. So what do you want them to do? sign up for a newsletter, contact you, purchase something, visit your physical store, refer you to friends, read about your services? Find a theme that helps you guide your clients. If you want them to contact you for more information, get a theme that allows you to place “call to action” buttons on your homepage. If you want them to educate themselves on your services, then make sure it clearly states where to find your services page. Don’t get one of those websites with a blog on the homepage that takes it all up. They will get confused on what to do.

Is it responsive?

There has been a trend of responsive websites. These are websites that are basically one page and you just keep scrolling for more info. They have their pros and cons but make sure you know the difference. I have a mix of both on my site. I want it responsive for the new generation but also, I feel I need to keep the traditional menus in place for a more traditional customer. Make this decision as early as you can.

What about color and feel?

Try not to get a whimsical website with squiggly writing and bold colors for something like CPA or Law services. On the other hand if you rent out bouncy castles for children’s birthday parties, don’t get earth toned professional themes. Imagine what you would expect a site to look like if you were online looking for those some services.


There are many more things to consider but I have found these specific topics show themselves every time.


Thank you for reading


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